1. Taranga island.

  2. Double rainbow.

  3. After rush hour on the estuary.

  4. reeds

  5. two guys named Nick

  6. Platinum print skies.

  7. The lookout

  8. I was driving home late one night and the fog rolled in out of nowhere. I pulled over and watched the cars appear out of the fog for a while until I thought I had almost overstayed my “random dude on the side of the road watching cars who isn’t creepy yet” time period.

  9. The Glacier building in Auckland.

  10. Hanging out over Auckland.

  11. Waiting for the olives to grow

  12. Sea shells by the sea shore.

  13. Mum and Java.

  14. I’m in Italy with this marvellous bastard! While I’m gone, I’ll set up some photos from New Zealand that I never got around to posting. Enjoy!

  15. Last light