1. The Auckland museum

  2. The milky way. 

  3. From New Zealand to Denmark over some very cool parts of the world.

  4. I feel sorry for this tree. His mates are all gone and he can’t leave to go find new ones so he is stuck here watching the sand build up over his roots.

  5. site surveyors.

  6. Explore

  7. Forbidden

  8. Dusk over Te Arai point.

  9. The week before I left for Europe, my parents sold our house that we have lived in for 10 years. It is going to be sad to go back to New Zealand and not be able to go home. I miss my duvet, it was super comfy.

  10. The Roxy building is one swish place.

  11. Late night surf sesh

  12. Out my bedroom window back home.

  13. Taranga island.

  14. Double rainbow.

  15. After rush hour on the estuary.